Nick's New Trail

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Nick's New Trail

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:31 pm

Chris & Nick have been busy building a new trail in the Mice and despite the fact that I've ridden it a few times, there were some trailheads that I was a little unsure of. As it turns out, I've been riding through it slightly off-kilter. Today I decided to extend my long-weekend by taking the day off work and going up for a Mice Afternoon before it got too hot. The result; success! I've managed to map the whole thing, with all of the right bits in place. Discovered that its also a great way to connect with the Bear trail south of Riddle Rd. In fact, one can ride Bronco / Bear / Nic's Trail, and get a whole lot of great, rocky descending out of the deal via these new trails!

Here is a screenshot (click here for zoomed image) of the trail overlaid upon the existing morass of Mice tracks. If anyone wants the GPS / Google Earth files for this new track, let me know via the PM feature of this forum.

Oh, and just to celebrate the long weekend; here is a little something for you rockers!



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