Campbell Mtn. Singletrack

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Campbell Mtn. Singletrack

Post  Highpockets on Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:43 pm

In a quest to have a complete ribbon of singletrack all the way around Campbell Mt. six of us set out to dig in some more trail. Digging conditions were perfect and we got allot accomplished. We want to get a couple more days in and complete this latest section before winter takes its hold. If we can get it done then the snow and cold will help to pack the new trail in so it will be primo to ride in the spring. If you find yourself using the trails on Campbell Mt. then come out and lend a hand. Next trail day to be posted on the forum in the coming days. Thanks again to everyone on their efforts thus far.

Brent benching one of the gullies

Pierre Rippin Grass

Andrew buffing the land

Terri benching with the new McLeod

Ginger placing rocks for the bench

Gary roughing it in


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Post  Admin on Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:51 pm

Ya' man! We built some great trail surface today!

I'm not as kind nor subtle of tongue as Gary so I'll just say it like it is: "hey, all of you who love to ride trails - get yer' ass out there and organize a trail-day or join the club and participate in one of PACA's!"

If you love singletrack (and you must if you're reading this) then don't be a bump on a log - get out there at least once a year and dig some dirt! All of our trail-digs are legal / sanctioned, so there is no issue with trespassing / no-one able to chase you off the land; its all good!

You won't believe how fulfilling it is to build trails that you, your friends and countless others will enjoy. Its a mountain-biker's version of Paying it Forward, while simultaneously getting some exercise - try it, you'll love it!

Uber-Kudos to Brent & Ginger, Gary & Terry and the Flyin' Frenchman for making it out today! Crow eaten by Andrew as two lovely ladies came out to help us dig the perfect fall soil of Campbell Mt.


Spot the Flyin' Frenchman in the background, gettin' ready to ride some virgin singletrack!


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Penticton Pounders

Post  Dontfollowme on Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:51 pm

Posted this to the Penticton Pounders...

If you haven't heard yet, Penticton and Area Cycling Association (PACA) will be hosting Bi-weekly "Timed" Trail Runs on behalf of the Penticton Pounders.

We will be hosting these social runs in conjunction with PACAs Toonie Mtn Bike races at Campbell Mtn in Penticton.

PACA is currently working on building some new trail on Campbell Mtn which will be used for future XC races and for these bi-weekly events. We are looking for your help in creating these new trails, as many hands make light work.
These new trails are legit with PACA having authorization from land owners to build these exciting new trails.

We have a Trail Day coming up soon which i will post up when there is more information.
If you are interested in helping out, please let me know.
Thank you.

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Re: Campbell Mtn. Singletrack

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