Pressure Treated Fence Posts

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Pressure Treated Fence Posts

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:23 pm

This afternoon I was offered a couple of dozen 8 foot long pressure-treated fence posts. These would be excellent for cutting in half / decking the pending replacement for the dilapidated Fred Crossing bridge near the intersection of Fred and Turnbull Cr. trail.

The Ministry of Forests has begun to see that the bike club deals with land access / land-management issues in a responsible manner, and I'd like to extend this trust and respect by swapping out the bush-bridges with long-term, pressure-treated bridging material as each of the existing crossings meet their eventual demise. This will show the Ministry that we are the real deal when it comes to being a responsible land-user group, while simultaneously providing us with excellent, rugged, long-term creek-crossing structures.

The location in question is accessible via the upper reaches of Greyback Mt. Rd. (it connects with the top of High Pony / Riddle Rd. via a quality two-track) or the bottom gate at the Pearly Gates.

Vance is keen to rebuild that bridge - but he's looking for some help. I've offered to buy a couple of 16 foot pressure-treated 8x8's as well as cedar or P.T. decking for same.

I'm pretty sure that I can get hold of the key to the Pearly Gate in order to access the upper reaches of Riddle Rd. with a 4X4 - the problem is, I don't have a truck to haul the wood up...

What we need is a shit-kicking, already-slightly-scratched-up 4x4 from Hell to haul the wood up as far as the Turnbull Creek>Riddle Rd. intersection... anyone out there willing to share the trail love and allow us to use their truck to drive up Riddle Rd? It needs to be a serious-clearance vehicle, as Riddle Rd. has a washout enroute and the 'go-round' is a little redneck 4X4ish.

Lemme' know - I'll pay the gas to boot!



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