WARD1 Footbridge

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WARD1 Footbridge

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:35 pm

It was "Andrew in Stereo" on this amazing Sunday afternoon! Andrew Dingwall and I hiked and wheelbarrow'd in a load of cedar and crush-rock to the stream-crossing on WARD1. The ground that we were playing in today was some of the richest soil that I've ever had the pleasure of getting under my fingernails; the zone is filled with thousands of years of composting leaves; truly "black gold".

Beer-at-hand, we dug in a new trail-diversion, using the skimmed duff from the new cut to reclaim the old trail surface; all in all, a beauty job with good friends working for a fantastic cause on an astounding day! Hows that for a slathering of superlatives? :-)

If the weather holds, and the ground doesn't freeze too hard by next weekend, I'll get in there with some 6X6 stringers to install the bridge itself. After we've finished, the next project in that area will be to see the Kraut trail signed and sanctioned.



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