Bridge on WARD1

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Bridge on WARD1

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:57 pm

Wow - that must surely have been the first day of summer!

Finally got in and installed that little bridge on WARD1 and it turned out beautifully! This is the kinda' thing that I want to do a lot more in BC Park lands. These land managers greatly appreciate any help that they can get as they are crazily understaffed at the best of times - the the good juju generated by simple actions such as this will only serve to enhance trail user's dealings with Parks / Crown / Private land-owners.

Next up; trail-day on WARD1. Parks staff are going to drive us up to the top of WARD1 and drop us off, thus speeding up the work day - details here:

Treated beams set on rock, cedar decking, galvo' ardox nails; the sucker should last decades!



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