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Post  Admin on Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:58 pm

"The British Invasion" and I rode Mt.Keogan this afternoon; first tracks of 2013 to the summit!

Sections of the trail are clear, but a lot of of tree removal remains to be done. We nixed' at least 20 dead-fall today and I'd say that perhaps that many and more remain to be cut out, including a couple that will require a chainsaw, trail-around or up n' over. The worst bit is near the summit, immediately north of the often-dry pond; which is currently full-pool and loaded with a cacophony of frogs. Lets hope this bodes well for the alpine mosquito population this summer! (the frogs, that is)

The "Go East Old Man" trail itself is in mint condition, super-tacky and bereft of any muddy sections. As usual, I pretty-much beg folks to carry a folding saw with them (a Corona 10" folding saw is perfect) and pitch in on trail maintenance. Even if hikers / bikers / equestrians only remove one single solitary tree per ride, it'll go a long way toward reopening the trails this spring - many of which are laden with blow-down / snow-down.

Mt.Keogan summit look-off. Note Rattlesnake Lake and companion pond at near full-pool.

Mt.Keogan Keogan%20Lookoff



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