Mice to Far Out Ridge

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Mice to Far Out Ridge

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:18 am

The 'Wednesday Group' was HUGE today: 17 riders! If riding bushwhack-XC we could've nearly burned-in a new trail with that many tires!

The Mice has sprung some interesting underground creeks, which surface and run down the trail in numerous locations - where I've not seen them in years past. Crash course in mountain hydrology. Bike lore suggests that riding directly through these wet areas is a better alternative than widening the trail by riding around them. But I dunno... The widened area will re grow, but by riding directly through the puddles, thus splashing suspended soil outward - deepening the basin, allowing it to collect additional water... Your thoughts?

Had my 'second date' with the Scott 650B - and am finding myself just a little bit in-lust with her :-)

The only catch may be her tires: 2.2" inches just isn't enough for the beerbellybastard! After the second flat of the afternoon I was cursing those 'ultra-light' tubes and tires. Gimme rubber that is thick enough to run on a dirt-bike any day!

Weird moment of the ride: a new dude by the name of Trevor joined us today. He was demo'ing the [identical] bike as I had. We stop near Bobcat junction and he points out the fact that my tire looks flat. He then looks down at his tire... and it's gone flat as well! No one else in the troop had flats.

Curse of the Scott's 650b ultra-thin tires+ tubes? "Sympathetic Flatting" or alien alien alien intervention... you decide... cyclops



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