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Skaha Trailday

Post  Admin on Sat May 04, 2013 7:44 pm

Perfect weather, an amazing turnout and a new section of trail; built in a flash by "many hands that make light work"! Together we rerouted some of the worst sections of lower WARD1 this morning.

Here are a few pics on the morning - we did the whole thing in just two hours... This, my friends, is why showing up en-mass for trail-days is key. By 11:30 we were already in the pub!

Here is a Whole Crew shot, but it was too large to post in-line, so I made it appear as a separate link.

Pretty Girls With Trail-Tools; We Got That!

Flowy Corners - Got That Too...

SweetSingletrack... "Check"!

"Just Notch er' off there"

Pitching In - (Sue, in green, is the President of the Penticton Adventurers Hiking Club)

Mondo "Thank You's" go out to everyone who took the time to spend two hours rejuvenating a section of trail that was badly in need of some Trail Love!

This was yet another example of folks who absolutely love trails taking a few moments out of their year to create a better trail experience for everyone. If all recreational trail users would "Cowboy Up" (or even better, "Cowgirl Up") and lend a hand in trail building / trail-maintenance, we'd have the world's best trails right here in our backyards!

Not that what we have is anything to sneeze at, but it could be so much bigger and better with a little more input from users. Consider the fact that less than 25% of our (mapped) singletrack is signed and maintained...



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