Trail Sign Damage - Skaha Bluffs

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Trail Sign Damage - Skaha Bluffs

Post  Admin on Thu May 16, 2013 1:51 am

Over the past two years, the Skaha Bluffs Prov. Park has seen a rash of vandalism to it's trail signage. These convenient directional signs were installed through the dedicated efforts of Parks staff and volunteer organizations - with permission from Parks management.

These senseless, ignorant and idiotic acts have prompted me to offer a $250.00 cash reward for the arrest and conviction of the morons responsible for these acts of utter stupidity.

My name is Andrew Drouin, my phone numbers is 250.486.2443.

Contact me at your convenience. You will be doing all of your fellow recreational trail users a huge favour and thumbing your nose at the lowlifes who are attempting to sabotage everyone else's fun through their pathetic acts.

Think about it; when you trail ride, hike or walk forest paths in other communities, its great to find trail maps and signage. We deserve to offer the same thing here for locals and tourists alike.

Do the right thing; turn in a moron today!



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