Nickel Plate Lake trail - aka; "Claim-Jump"

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Nickel Plate Lake trail - aka; "Claim-Jump"

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:37 pm

A pack of volunteers headed up to both the North and South end of Nickel Plate Lake trail (aka; "Claimjump" to XC skiers) and pulled up the old, decrepit bridging that was in place for decades.

We then replaced the old bog-crossings at both ends with beauty' new bridging material consisting of pressure-treated stringers, durable fir decking with galvanized Ardox fasteners. These structures should outlive our collective riding careers!

Huge kudos to Andyman, Dino, Steve, Pierre, Howie, Andy & Eve, Robin & Michelle for all of their selfless volunteers time - its people like you that make riding in the valley better every day!

A few pics' of the day's event are shown below.

The weather at Nickel Plate Lake was redonkulously great!

North Bridge - Crew #1


South Bridge - Crew #2

Trail-Day Mascot!

Found on a tree at the trail-head - Anyone care to translate?

Next up - Carmi TTF's and a new bridge on WhiteTail!


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