Rail Trail Supporters

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Rail Trail Supporters

Post  Dontfollowme on Sun Nov 17, 2013 3:51 pm

Hello Rail Trail Supporters,

Thank you for your support for the rail trail. We are grateful to say that we have received 953 emails of support. This is great! AND we need more in order to help the Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments come together to consider preserving this corridor in the event that it is not used as a railway. You can help this week by the following:

1. Ask 2 people to go to the website www.okanaganrailtrail.ca and sign up to show their support. If we all do this we will triple the number of supporters.

2. Attend one of our presentation to councils this week if you can. We will present to the City of Vernon Council tomorrow, Tuesday Nov 12, at 1.30 pm at City Hall in Vernon. We will then present to the District of Coldstream tomorrow at 6.00pm at the municipal office.

Also feel free to contact your local MLA or MP. We will be sending them packages this week showing the benefits of preserving the corridor and the support we have to date for this initiative.

The Okanagan Rail Trail Initiative

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