Campbell Mt. South - A Viable Option...

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Campbell Mt. South - A Viable Option...

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:50 am

Spent some time wandering around east of the Pleasant Valley trailer park this afternoon - both on Stanmar's managed land, as well as the City of Penticton's side of the creek.

I'd like to put forward a potential solution, one which I have also made available to city council. It relieves us of having to deal with Stanmar Ltd., the managers of Pleasant Valley trailer park. I'd like to avoid negotiations with Stanmar's management, as I've been informed on several occasions that they can be [very] difficult to deal with. The residents of the Pleasant Valley trailer park won't make much of a softer audience, as my personal experiences demonstrate that they are not particularly fond of outdoor recreationists crossing their private property.

Check out this Google Earth file (right-click / Save As with Firefox, and then open it later... or simply click on the link if you are using Google Chrome). For those of you without the Google Earth application, check out this link for a static image version of the same file.

The white lines that it presents are property boundaries, including land managed by Stanmar Ltd.

Notice that Stanmar's managed property does not pass beyond the base of the hillside. On the south side of the creek is the Penticton Fly Fisherman's HQ and the dead-end of the City of Penticton's official walking path - all on city land. The path currently dead-ends at a chain-link fence, just shy of an old dam. It would be really great to give the trail 'somewhere to go'...

What we require is a walking bridge to cross the creek, something basic / prefab / maintenance-free such as this one would do the trick. This would extend the existing, legal footpath over the creek and place the public just off the tip of Stanmar's managed property, at the base of a short slope; the likes of which can easily be overcome with a properly engineered / benched, slope-side path like this. A rudimentary wildlife trail is already in place, and oddly enough, situated nearly in the location that we require, it just needs to be widened, properly sloped / benched and packed with a suitable substrate such as 'quarter-inch minus' fill.

I have drawn a concept green line in the Google Earth file / map alluded to earlier. This is just a quick idea, the path could take many different forms. I am confident that I can round up enough hiker / biker volunteers to turn the trail section into an 'IMBA Standard' thing of beauty.

What we need is money :-) I suggest we might apply to access at least a portion of the funds from the 'in limbo' project that the Bridgewater (golf course) developer, Victor, had previously looked at using in the construction of a steep stairway. Note that the top end of the Pleasant Valley trailer park lacks a fire escape route over the creek; we could present a new footbridge as being beneficial in this respect, as I expect that the Ministry of Environment will question another bridge over the creek.

I've met and spoken with Victor on a couple of occasions; he is a good fellow, and I believe that he may be convinced to contribute at least partial funds to the project. This potential undertaking may be considered 'case in point', why we don't stand up at city hall meetings and berate developers... Its a mighty small town, and "goes around comes around".

Andrew D.


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