Campbell Mt. -- Letter to Council et al

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Campbell Mt. -- Letter to Council et al

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Below is a letter that I recently submitted to Penticton City Council and their engineering / planning departments.

Hi all,

Many diverse groups have been involved in the process of gaining legal access to Campbell Mt.’s southeast face, as such, here is a cohesive update for everyone.

After numerous group-walks through the area, examining all possible access options, it appears that the most logical solution is through an area behind the Penticton water treatment plant.

This route involves installing a footbridge across Penticton Cr., and the construction of a wood and metal stairway ascending an embankment. This stairway will connect with an existing, narrow roadway which continues to rise mid-flank on Campbell Mt., there connecting with numerous tracks and trails.

This option offers a continuation of the excellent path which parallels Penticton Cr., but currently dead-ends just shy of the waterfall. . Built with several look-off platforms, the wooden stairway will provide outstanding views over the Penticton Cr. waterfall, along with it's narrow canyon and reservoir.

Doug and Larry Kenyon, myself and a Greyback engineer spent some time this afternoon examining both sides of the creek in the area behind the water treatment plant. Those present agreed that this route can be easily employed for a small bridge crossing and ascending stairway up the opposite bank. See attached images of the stairway & look-offs established at Fintry Provincial Park, the likes of which we propose to duplicate on-site.

Additionally, Doug and Larry offered to provide interested parties with a free bridge (!) in the form of a used structure that they have sitting in the company yards. If accepted, this generous offer will alleviate a substantial portion of the fees required to cross the creek.

This leaves us to begin perhaps the most important component of this project; gaining the green light from the various environmental / city / regional / provincial departments. I urge council and the various engineers receiving this email to put the gears in motion, thus enabling the task to move forward. While no one expects overnight results, we feel that the time for wandering the area, poking about and musing over possible routes is at a close.

The Penticton and Area Cycling Association will do everything in their power to support the City of Penticton in this project. Feel free to task us with any legwork / research / communication that might be necessary.

Appreciate your time.

Andrew Drouin
Penticton and Area Cycling Association

Fintry Prov. Park - Wooden Stairway

Fintry Prov. Park - Viewing Platforms



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