New Era for Reserve Riding?

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New Era for Reserve Riding?

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:05 pm

A member dropped me a PM today to inform me that there are new signs up on the Penticton First Nations Reserve.

Apparently these signs indicate that the area's trails are for non-motorized use and were created for such. It was suggested that I would find said signs near Jake The Snake / Husula Highlands, but a hike around the area today did not turn up anything. I was apparently in the wrong area, as all I saw at the 'old entrance' at the end of Forsyth Dr. / near the tennis court, is a derelict 'No Trespassing - Penticton Band Property' sign.

If anyone can snap a pic' of the 'new signs' and send one our way, It would be much appreciated.

Folks might think that I'm 'Anti-Reserve-Riding' - but the truth is, I used to ride the Reserve lands in that area a lot 'back in the day'. Eventually I got tired of wondering if we were going to get kicked off the land whenever we rode it, and felt that it was time that I grew up and quit riding posted private property; especially theirs, as our people have treated them with nothing but disrespect over the decades.

However; if the Penticton First Nations are having a change of heart about riding on their land, I'd love to know about it. If anyone can send me a pic' of these new signs, please do so.

Much appreciated.

Andrew D.


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