Campbell Mt. - Public Hearing 'results'

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Campbell Mt. - Public Hearing 'results'

Post  Admin on Mon May 16, 2011 10:52 pm

This evening Louise and I attended the public council meeting about Campbell Mt's. southeast access, as described in earlier newsletters and in this forum.

Once again I publicly stated that PACA is in support of the eastern-most access route, and detailed reasons why the developer's originally proposed route is invalid, due to a steep, eroded trail surface and adjacent gullies through a watershed diversion project up-trail. I also noted the issues related to crossing private property mid-trail.

See this map for visual details.

In the future it would be great to see more riders come out to public council meetings that directly affect those who enjoy easy access to city and crown lands. Its kinda' lame being the only rider in the crowd, "fighting for the cause"... Numerous hikers and environmentalists always show up or these gigs, but I'm nearly always the lone rider. This does not look so great for the riding community, from a council perspective.

Local riders don't seem to be putting two and two together; the City of Penticton / city council are in charge of many of the areas that we love to ride on Campbell Mt., and we need to have a visual presence with council so that we are taken into account when it comes to land access. This means showing up at occasional council meetings... Speak Up People!

This is the first of many land access issues that riders and hikers alike will face in coming years. Eventually, many sections of the Mice will be under the scrutiny of developers; the northwest access route off the KVR is already posted with "beautiful view lots" signage...!

Council states that it'll discuss the results of this public meeting and speak further with the developer... In short, I'm not sure what council will decide on; I'd be happy if the developer was able to offer us some of the original $48k, perhaps 50/50 split. Then we fundraise in cooperation with the Penticton Rotary for the balance of funds required.



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