Pedal Driven - A 'Bikeumentary'

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Pedal Driven - A 'Bikeumentary'

Post  Admin on Thu Jun 02, 2011 5:17 am

Several months ago I told you about a video documentary called Pedal Driven. A group of professional video jockies and riders, together with federal land management agencies pieced together what is easily the best multimedia presentation covering the topic that we love - next to our families, the very most: Singletrack trails and land access!

Here are a few short clips to help refresh your memories:

This morning, I received an Advance Copy of the movie in my mailbox! Quite a number of us pitched in money to get this gig off the ground, and the result is better than I ever expected. In fact, I honestly feel that everyone who rides singletrack trail systems should see the movie.

I'm presently working toward securing the right to legally screen the flick in Penticton, maybe a month or two, maybe more, but you will all get a chance to sit in on a showing in 2011. Profits from the showing will be funneled right back into development and maintenance of singletrack trail systems, so its a win-win situation.



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