Skills Park Location - Public Input Requested

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Skills Park Location - Public Input Requested

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:53 am

Hi everyone,

PACA has a back-burner plan to lobby for the development of an all-ages skills park in the coming years; the issue has always been "location, location, location".

We feel that we've located a decent spot; one that offers safety from redneck destruction, easy access to and from 'the burbs' as well as hydro / water and cool terrain (its not all flat!) to work with.

If we could come up with some legal connectors, it would also be a cool little stop on the way home from DH'ing the Carmi trails, including CODE4, Knuckle-Duster, Pancho's Revenge, Carmi Canyon trail and the Carmi Recreational trails.

We'd really appreciate it it folks would go to the site and actually walk the land before commenting here. I think that many of you will find that A) you've never been there before, and B) its a cool little site with loads of recreational potential, and no pressure from residential land use.

We've studied the City of Penticton parcel maps and it appears that the land belongs to the City (us) so if we were to agree upon the area's Skills Park potential, PACA would begin applications to the city for park creation.

Your input please! (but go and walk the land first :-)

Andrew D.

The end of Ridgedale Ave.

Plan View of same area

Google Earth link to area


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