Lower WARD1 Update

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Lower WARD1 Update

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 23, 2011 7:04 pm

Spent some time this afternoon near the bottom of the WARD1 trail in the Gillies Cr. watershed. Completed the reroute of the main WARD1 trail, as per requests from BC Parks; the route now features a right hand junctioning trail about 50m after one meets and crosses the Gillies Cr. FSR on the way down WARD1.

Also removed the tree and roll over structure just above the Skaha Bluffs parking lot. Future reference; we need to avoid building roll-overs on any of the Gillies Cr. trails, as they are designated multi-use by BC Parks / Land Conservancy / Nature Conservancy. This means hikers / bikers and in some sections, equestrians as well.

If you see a tree across the trail, report it to BC Parks or PACA and we'll get it out of there, likely that week.

Some pics of the morning:

The new reroute, from above

...and from below

Doggone... Log Gone

Mariposa Lillies are everywhere up there

Andrew D.


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