Isintok - "Take 5"

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Isintok - "Take 5"

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 17, 2011 4:19 am

Isintok Lake seems to have my number this summer (there are still six official days O’ the season left ya’ know). Dino and I spent this afternoon ‘sussing out’ a singletrack trail that I had spied in the area earlier, attempting to discern whether it circumnavigated the entire lake; the good news is that it does!

While we did a bit more recon’ than required (bushwacking omitted from the image map below) we GPS’d a circuitous route around the lake – and it connects perfectly with the Husky Trail; a route that Brent, Peter and I rode several weeks ago.

The camping at Isintok is beautiful, the fishing is excellent and the lake is well worth a paddle. I’d have to say that it would make an excellent Bike Club outing for 2012 (ride in from Apex via the Husky Trail, spin around the lake, do some fishing and then settle in for an excellent evening of partying, er, I mean, “relaxing by the fire” :-)

Below are a few pics of the afternoon’s excursion, as well as a GPS track / overview of the Isintok Lake Trail.


The east side is flaggged (see earlier posts) and the west side is rarely used singletrack

Happened upon an unfinished cabin mid-trail. Don't know the who/what/when/why

Ents of the forest?

A beauty day on an amazing lakeside trail

Here is one for all of you scatologists; Cougar?

The loop, the whole loop, and nothin' but the loop



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