Mice & KVR

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Mice & KVR

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 25, 2012 12:30 am

Checked out the new alternative route onto / over / around the CP-Rail Trail ("KVR") in Kaleden today... "humorous" is an apt description.

The "new trail" is simply a parallel route immediately adjacent to the existing KVR; a lumpy, bumpy one at that. For the time being, the community is blessed with large, gaudy bright pink signage indicating the new route - framed by a morass of dead trees no less; beauty...

What a sad thing that some people cannot see that life is really short and we leave a legacy by our actions.

And the Mice -- checked out the Corral entrance (off Arawana FSR) this afternoon; wow - that'll be a few more weeks in the making; snow, mud, water, slush...



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