WARD1 & Kraut (Skaha Bluffs area)

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WARD1 & Kraut (Skaha Bluffs area)

Post  Admin on Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:04 pm

Had an amazing day in the woods along WARD1 and Kraut this afternoon! Here's the scoop; both trails are free and clear except for two small trees down across WARD1 near the current "top" of the trail.

I say "current top", as both routes are snow-free up to about 750m elevation; which is about three-quarters of the way up to the WARD1 / Rock Oven trail junction. Beyond 750m, the trails are both
snow-packed and impassible.

At any rate, I cleared everything except the aforementioned trees (no saw, only a shovel on me) and found a perfect little connector route between the top of the useable section of WARD1 and the top of the useable section of Kraut. If you want some excellent riding early-season, try this; ride up WARD1 from the upper parking lot of the Skaha Bluffs parking lot. WARD1 soon meets the Gillies Service Road. Head right on the service road for 20m where you'll see the continuation of the WARD1 trail

Head up as far as a point where snow begins to appear on-trail - at which point you will be in an opening, with an old, overgrown road on your left and several large logs cut and "hanging" across said road. Follow this old road for 50m or so, which will place you in the Gillies Forest Service Road. Cross it and look for a deer trail heading north. Follow it for perhaps 200m, where you will enter a field; the trail fades, but Kraut is just a little further to the north.

When you hit Kraut, follow it back down to the Skaha Bluffs parking area. All in all, about 5km of swoopy / flowy singletrack goodness! If you're feeling really good about your trail-love, bring along a small hand-saw and cut out one or two of the trees across WARD1 :-)



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