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The Dismantling of North Fork trails in Whatcom County has begun

Hardcore. This is likely the fate of most BC bush builds in the long term:


...another great reason to join a bike club and build with permission.

With all of the raw talent in the valley, if even a few of them banded together and worked within the club umbrella, this valley wold have a wicked skills park and a solidly built, legal version of the local DH runs.

As it is; the only legal bike [structures] in the valley are Glenfir's skills park in Summerland (now shuttered) and the dirt-jump park in Kelowna. At present, all of the trail work conducted by the bike club is maintenance and remedial earth-work. We build 'from-scratch' trails only to sidestep eroded / ill-conceived trail sections. There is so much upkeep to do, and so few people Cowboy'n Up! to do it, that we cannot contend with the maintenance requirements of the existing Crown and BC Park trails.

Dudes. That's lame.


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