BC Parks Commits $200K to Voly' Projects

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BC Parks Commits $200K to Voly' Projects

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:20 am

Looks like The Gov. has coughed up 200 large for Voly'-based projects through 2012 / 2013. I've officially applied for material for two bridge structures within park boundaries; the mud-bog crossing on Claim-Jump (the Nickel-Plate Lake trail) and funding for a crossing on WARD1 in the Gillies Cr. watershed. If we use plastiwood for the sleepers on both projects, and cedar for the decking, these structures should last decades.

These requests are pretty small, so I think we stand a chance of getting them. Will keep ya' posted. Here is their blurb website: http://www2.news.gov.bc.ca/news_releases_2009-2013/2012ENV0019-000465.htm



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