Conkle Mt.

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Conkle Mt.

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 30, 2012 1:10 am

The arrow-signage goblins must have worked by moonlight :-) Conkle Mt.'s Summit Trail loop is now properly indicated! The route up is challenging; the ridgeline trail is amazing and the DH is a freekish smile-inducer!

Best of all; the area is a park, and as such, [careless] quad and dirt-bike riders have not been around to rip the guts outta' it!*

The Trail is Beauty!

The Views are Amazing

And there are some pretty funky things up top

I'm redoing the Conkle chapter in SweetSingletrack - with an almost completely new route to boot!


* One of my pet-projects is to see the Crown and City owned sections of Campbell Mt. converted to a park. This will be great in so many ways. If this is ever to happen, I need to hear your voices; as mine alone is not worth a dime if it remains that way. Also, we're dealing with a mayor who is a dirt-bike addict; this may be a tough nut to crack - but together, we can see it through. The area's flora/fauna deserve it; we deserve it, future generations deserve it!


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