Rattlesnake Mountain (Summerland)

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Rattlesnake Mountain (Summerland)

Post  Admin on Tue May 08, 2012 2:09 am

Hiked into the Rattlesnake Mt. (as opposed to Rattlesnake Lake) trails this evening. Note that the gate across the top of Cristante Ave is permanently closed these days, so use the fake-locked 'Wildlife Gate' just shy of it on the left to enter the property. The main vehicular gate is locked until the Ministry of Transport gets some more of their kit outta' the area.

The trail is still as challenging as ever (gotta' love that hike-a-bike!) and the extra <1km of road on the way up is barely noticeable. Do it as a hike before you ride it, which will get your head strait about the lay of the land; and perhaps see you doing some foot-level trail maintenance while off your bike :-!


Map compliments of Sweetsingletrack


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