National Trails Day - June 2nd

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National Trails Day - June 2nd

Post  Admin on Tue May 29, 2012 2:41 pm

We get so much enjoyment from our trails that we should take time to give back. Trails don't just randomly appear for our enjoyment. Development of new trails takes a lot of planning and labor. Land management agencies are frequently short on trail maintainers so why not volunteer to help maintain one of your favorite trails?

PACA conducts regularly scheduled trail-building and maintenance days each season, but this one is on you to Cowboy Up and do the right thing! Pick a section of Singletrack to give some TLC this National Trail Day.

There are bound to be spots along your favorite trail that you've always ridden past and thought to yourself that "somebody aught to do something about that section". Guess what; this time around that someone is you! :-)

Buy a quality folding hand-saw with a 10 to 12 inch blade: it'll get your head in the right space to maintain trails...



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