Tick hymen gone now

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Tick hymen gone now

Post  1part@atime on Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:11 am

Did a ride up to the sign-in book tonight with Curt on WARD1 and then back down/up Kraut. Whilst having my beer in the parking lot I found a tick adhered to my shin.
First reaction was to scream and flail like a 4 year old girl, but I held it together and gave the little guy a tug to see if he was in there. Yup.
I wandered over to some hikers at their car and asked if they had tweezers or some form of tick remover. Negative. I was getting a little down at this point as I could feel my life fading before my eyes.
I bent over to show where it was and the little fella was on the move. I flicked him off and he stuck to my finger. Now I began my flailing and to my surprise, with much success of removing the guy to an unknown location, I'm assuming to some distant galaxy and not on my head.
The hikers packed and booked it outta there, not sure why though, coulda been the flailing and shrieking.

You can all rest easy now, I am safe and sound.

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