Kaleden KVR - Meeting Results

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Kaleden KVR - Meeting Results

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:37 am

Attended this evening's Kaleden-"KVR" trail open House at the Kaleden Community Center. Approximately 125 members of the public conducted a question and answer period with several levels of government, including local MPs.

While I very much enjoyed the public discussion, I was disappointed that I did not see a single Penticton hiker or cyclist in the audience; come on guys and gals - showing up at a public meeting, especially one attended by members of government - is the simplest act of trail advocacy one can imagine.

I spoke at this evening's meeting and suggested that a 'Valley Trail' type 2m wide paved path be added adjacent to the west side of Alder Ave. between Sickle Point and Ponderosa Point. This would eliminate land-access / land-ownership issues altogether.

Personally, I say to Hell with the whole McGinn issue and negotiating with her. Use Crown land all the way, blow off her demands for Crown land swaps and be done with it.



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