New Trail on Campbell's South Slopes

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New Trail on Campbell's South Slopes

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:11 am

Hiked a new trail that's been put in on Campbell Mountain this evening. The work looks to be fairly extensive, and while I respect the labor that has been put into the task, the problem with the trail is that it starts / stops on private property...

This will be a great egress / access only to the point where the retired residents of the gated community of Forestbrook Drive get ornery and start shouting at cyclists every time that they appear; à la the former Pleasant Valley access points.

I suggest studying the RDOS / City of Penticton online mapping and seeing if the trail can be rerouted to end on Hudson St. to the north, northwest...

RDOS Mapping

City of Penticton Mapping

The trail also pierces through the middle of a parcel of private land up top, where the deep drainage ditches shadow the trail on your left as you ascend. To date however, the owners of said property have not been bitching - likely because they are not yet aware of the situation, as its owned by the Pleasant Valley group, and they seem to have a very low opinion of riders...



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