Campbell Growin' Stunts

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Campbell Growin' Stunts

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:49 am

The Campbell Mt. gnomes have been working in the wee hours to bring fun - and well built - stunts to Campbell Mt. Its no Holy Pail, yet slowly but surely, the favorite after-work whip-around on Campbell Classic is sproutin' some kicks!

The Maxi is beauty'

The Mini is, um, "I donno' yet..."

Also; Bill contacted me today to "congratulate" me on building a new bridge on the yet-unopened Ponderosa Trail in the Mice. Which was news to me...

As it turns out, 'someone' just appeared and built a beautiful (according to Bill) new and apparently well-built bridge on Ponderosa... (!)

Bills' very cool with it, hell, everyone will be very cool with it!

If "you" are reading this, KudosDude0z' Nice building technique is worldly appreciated!

BTW; Re; the 'Mini' shown above: I'm guessing that a fast hit, a stall and a release... It'll be interesting to learn the trick to that little bugger...


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