Campbell Mt. - July 7th "Pre-Toonie Tuneup"

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Campbell Mt. - July 7th "Pre-Toonie Tuneup"

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 08, 2012 1:44 am

Campbell Mt. Trail Day – July 7th 2012

Eight amazingly dedicated ‘real riders’ showed up at 10am this morning to put in a few hours of trail-maintenance on Campbell Mt; a riding area which has been savaged by recent rains.

I’d like to thank Aaron, Brent, Bridget, Colleen, Gary, Kurt and Pierre for your dedication to maintaining trails in the valley; you rock to the max! Because of your work today, not only will the Toonie races be far more pleasant to ride, but every rider who explores the Campbell Classic and Campbell Summit trails will appreciate your efforts!

The rest of you really have to get off your duff and make the effort to participate in an organized trail-day at least once per year – and that’s (((really))) not too much to ask from those who profess to love riding singletrack!

Hell, three of today’s participants are roadies! Ya’, roadies out there working with dirt-riders on singletrack which they may never even ride! Below are a few pics of the work we accomplished this morning.

Da' Boyz' on the top section of Campbell Summit trail

Revamping the gully trail section of Campbell Classic loop

...and the result of their work - Beauty Trails!

A "Before" shot of a section of Campbell Classic

And an "After" pic of the same area

Aaron working above the area shown in the last pic, creating a diversion trench

Unrelated to our efforts, but worthy of scorn; people who nail stunts to live trees...

...using the crappiest wood that they can find...

And finally, grand prize for worst ramp design in BC:

In short; if you are going to build stunts on public land, for the use of the public - at least give some consideration to what you are creating. Use quality wood, well-designed building concepts and don't nail to live trees. Here are some basic guidelines to building technical trail features in the forest. Follow them or save yourself the time and trouble - and others, potential injury...

The wood from these broken stunts will be cleaned up, some of it chucked in the trash and the rest used to create small bridges in the gulches on Campbell Mt.



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Re: Campbell Mt. - July 7th "Pre-Toonie Tuneup"

Post  Dontfollowme on Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:52 pm

Man, i hope my Diversion Trench was built right.
I guess we will see tomorrow come race day.

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