"SO Country" Web-Radio Interview

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"SO Country" Web-Radio Interview

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:08 pm

Conducted a 'Web-radio" interview with host Dennis Walker this morning at 9am. We talked trails, the bike club, Tree's memorial, SweetSingletrack.ca and a lot more.

Dennis was host with local radio Giant FM for many years in the valley, and was recently laid off, along with a clutch of other radio personalities. Now he is coming back with his own online 'radio station' - and is doing a damned great job of it. Its always a pleasure conducting interviews with a great radio personality, they have a way of leading a conversation in such a manner that it doesn't come across as stilted and allows the interviewee to be at ease. I truly enjoyed myself during the entire hour of music and discussion.

If you're a country fan, check out his site at http://socountry.ca between 9am and 1pm daily; hours to expand soon!



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