Lookout Loop - Signed!

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Lookout Loop - Signed!

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 21, 2013 1:54 am

So; "the deed is done"  The Lookout Loop is fully signed and ready for introducing new riders to the area!  Thanks to Freedom Bike Shop, the Penticton & Area Cycling Association and the South Okanagan Trail Alliance for pitching in to purchase the markers.  This bit O' signing will alleviate sooooo much headache for intermediate-skill newbz' in this amazing trail network, while providing a quick look-see at what the Mice is all about.

Some douche took it upon himself to steal several of the signs that I erected last week - which I dutifully replaced.  If you, the fool, are reading this; WTF?  Why would you screw up other people's shot at Trail Love?  If you want a blue sign, ask me, I'll give you one for free!  If you are doing this because you don't think that we should be signing the trails; our hard-fought 'Section 57' status on this land allows us to legally do so.

You can steal all the signs that you want, I'll keep replacing them until the end of time; because I'm a relentless bastard who never gives up!

For everyone else; enjoy!  You can now direct intermediate riders into the area, secure in the knowledge that they won't become lost / disoriented - as long as they follow the (many) new blue signs.

Note; this is still not a beginner trail and the intro' signage is in no way meant to insinuate that the trail is novice-skill-level friendly; its not!

The link below provides an accurate overview of the Lookout Loop as a whole:


And here is what said signage looks like;


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