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Rock Oven - Kraut

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:41 pm

Just a "heads-up" on Kraut; it's in amazing condition, but the uber-tall grass mid-trail hides ruts and rocks so keep your common-sense radar tuned as you descend, high-speed through the overgrowth...

Replaced a few of the vandalized signs in the area; I am at a loss as to why people would be brain-dead enough to damage trail signage that was installed for the benefit of them and their fellow outdoors-men and woman.


New and Improved

Seth vs. The Mountain -- the 'Overhanging Rock'

Re; that second image.  The next time that you are near the signs shown in the first image - adjacent to the pond at the base of the Rock Oven trail-head -- skip the regular ascent route up to the Rock Oven and instead, proceed straight-ahead.  The pond will be on your right, continue along the steepening trail, hike-a-biking where necessary.  You'll soon arrive at the "Overhanging Rock" as well as a steep, albeit short, trail that connects with the Rock Oven trail proper.

Cool area / new way of viewing the Rock Oven trail (O.H.R. is the orange trail in foreground)


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