Ellis Canyon Trail - Reroute

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Ellis Canyon Trail - Reroute

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:12 pm

After a long night of imbibing, followed by an amazingly drawn out sleep-in... Louise and I determined that it was high time to get off our sorry asses and get out of the house!

The Ellis Canyon reroute trail is a significant project, so we thought it wise to pick away at it a bit more this afternoon, post-rain. The trail is going to be a real beauty when its complete. If anyone wants to add to the creation in between our visits, feel free to do so.

You will find the trail's location easy to find and follow as 2011's section is well-marked with yellow flagging pins. The length of trail that we are currently working on is located parallel to Beaverdell Rd., beginning immediately to your right once you cross the first cattle guard at the Lost Moose driveway / Garnet Fire Interpretive Center parking lot. Much of said flagging is located within 10m of, and parallel to the road.

The baseline of what is expected of trail crews is exemplified by the existing [cleared] trail surface; a little under one meter wide, cleared down to mineral soil, smooth and free of rocks that hikers could trip upon (its to be a multi-use trail).

This is a fully sanctioned / legal trail project with authorization from the Ministry of Forest; tell those who inquire that they may contact John Glaspie at the address below if they have any questions or concerns about us being there, working on the trail - see below:

John Glaspie RFT
Recreation Officer
Okanagan District
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
2501 14th Ave. Vernon, British Columbia V1T 8Z1
Phone: (250) 558-1728

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