Mt.Conkle - Sanctioning Recreation Trails On-Mountain

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Mt.Conkle - Sanctioning Recreation Trails On-Mountain

Post  Admin on Sun May 13, 2012 9:35 pm

I've just drafted a letter to Summerland's Parks & Recreation Dept. What I'm shooting for is a green-light on signing and sanctioning a recreation trail on the east face of Mt.Conkle. The area offers plenty of riding opportunities, numerous existing trails and jaw-dropping, nearly 360-degree vistas from it's summit.

Its my hope that the excellent track record that we've laid down with Crown Land management teams as well as BC Parks will work toward paving the way for future legit' trail building / trail-maintenance opportunities up and down the valley.

If anyone wishes to view / comment on the document described above, please contact us via the email link on our main page.


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