Mice - Nov 01

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Mice - Nov 01

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 01, 2012 11:08 pm

Dino and I spent the late afternoon exploring the Mice, which entailed a bit O' clearing and a bit O' playing like 10 year old kids in the puddles!

One day post-rain is perfect for spotting the trail sections that hold water, creating puddles which, upon each splashy ride-through, remove soil from the trail. On your next ride through the paradise known as The Mice, get off your bike for one measly minute and dig the edges out of one puddle, thus allowing the trail to drain. If everyone could find it in themselves to 'Pay it Forward' in this extremely simple manner, we'll all be able to enjoy our favorite trails that much longer into the future, as will the next generation of lil' rippers!


The image below is taken while standing on the Fred trail, looking across at Trout Cr.


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