TOTA 2012- 2011

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TOTA 2012- 2011

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:46 pm

Dino and I drove up to Vernon yesterday in order to hear the Tompson Okanagan Tourism Association's new ten-year plan for our region.

It turned out to be a somewhat extravagant presentation, held at what is surely one of Western Canada's most 'over the top' hotels; the Sparkling Hill Resort just shy of the City of Vernon;

In a nutshell; the concept is to see Thompson-Okanagan businesses that have historically been viewing each other as competition, to instead combine forces as it were, and market our tourism offerings as a cohesive unit. It makes sense on the surface, I guess time will tell whether human nature and its generally inward-looking greed can be steered onto a path of "share the groove"...

If nothing else, I came away from the event with a smile - and not just from the free wine - as bikes and paths were alluded to on several occasions during the presentation.



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