Apex Resort Trail-Dat. Sept.7th

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Apex Resort Trail-Dat. Sept.7th

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:41 pm

Myself and five fellow trail-lovers put tools to dirt (and plenty of rock) in order to bring Apex Resorts' Gauntlet trail back to life - expanding upon the work of nine hearty souls last Sunday.

Like the proverbial Phenix, the trail has arisen to a state far better than it ever was during the years that the resort ran lift-serviced biking!

We still have a 100m section from the saddle to the actual trail and one MASSIVE deadfall mid-trail to clear, but aside from that THE GAUNTLET LIVES AGAIN!!

Heartfelt "thank you's" to everyone who participated to date.  That, my friends, is TrailLove personified!

Imagine how amazing the local trail infrastructure would be if every hiker / biker / equestrian would give just <> to the trails that they benefit from so much...


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