Okanagan Mt. Park - Sept 18th 2011

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Okanagan Mt. Park - Sept 18th 2011

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 19, 2011 5:24 am

As opposed to my Spring 2011 report on Okanagan Mt. Park, today's hike was great! The sections of trail that I checked out on Wildhorse Canyon, Goat Trail and Lookout Trail were nothing short of pleasure-hiking! Someone has been in the area with a chainsaw and sythe this spring / summer - bigtime!

Though these trails are sectioned for mountain bikes, I'd say that you will want to be a pretty good rider to navigate numerous sections, only because the terrain can be technical and bumpy. For hiking however, the area is excellent. Check it out and enjoy the park; its been all but forgotten since the fire, but now "its back!"


Louise & Koko

Lots of new signage

...and obvious trail markers



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