Crop Circles (Campbell Classic backside)

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Crop Circles (Campbell Classic backside)

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:05 pm

Meandered down to the Crop Circles section of the Campbell Classic late this afternoon with the intention of removing the 'big-bump' which appears on-trail / mid-trail. When I arrived however, I found that the section has been holding up so extremely well that I decided to leave it alone.

A few hundred meters down-trail however, I decided that the 'sand-pit' had to go - so me and 1516 dug a route around it - which also serves to align riders with the small ridge-ride just beyond in a speed-facilitating manner!

The Deed

The Inspiration

BTW: Get your wuss butts out tonight at 8:30 to the north parking lot of Campbell Mt. to do some NIGHT RIDING



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