Its a Carmi kinda' day

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Its a Carmi kinda' day

Post  Admin on Sun May 06, 2012 9:15 pm

Louise, Koko and I headed up to Carmi Rec' Trails this afternoon in order to replace some of the shot-gunned signs, install the first of the new series of 'Trail-Name' signage and generally give the lower trails a minor buff.

Afterward, we proceeded down to the Garnet Fire Interpretive Center and picked up where Dino and Pierre left off on Friday (Kudos Dudes). The new Carmi bypass trail is starting to take shape; after next Wednesday's trail day (with "The Wednesday Group") and one more by the PACA crew, things should really begin to look great up there; and then we can get onto Gary's Campbell Mt. Extension trail!

Perhaps best of all, I bought a new front fork today! Not just any fork -- my dream fork :-) A Fox Talas 36r - DH on Bronco is never gonna' be the same! Now if only I can figure out how to install a 3" tire on that weenie little front rim...



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